Fintech Card


A New way of Banking

Seamless Card present powered by a European Mastercard license.
The Fintech card is an essential tool for businesses or individuals with a dynamic lifestyle, making numerous daily payments. Tailor your card to match your spending habits by selecting the ideal tariff and easily manage it through the back office.
Seamless Payments, Anywhere with a Tap
A Corporate Mastercard Card, accepted globally, and complemented by robust expense management software. Pay anyone, anywhere, effortlessly.
The Corporate Card That Streamlines, Not Complicates
Effortlessly pay, monitor, and oversee every expenditure worldwide. Whether in fiat or crypto, Fintech Card has you covered for all your expenses
Unrestricted Payments
With Fintech Card, make payments anytime, anywhere, with no limitations.
Settle with What You Have at Your Disposal
Clear your monthly statement with the currency of your choice, be it fiat or cryptocurrency
Flexible Tariffs
With Flexible tariffs for your Fintech card customise your payment plans, adapting to unique financial needs, usage patterns, and organizational growth.
Monitor All Expenditure in Real-Time
Stay informed about your company's expenses and manage your finances with real-time notifications and an intuitive dashboard.
Virtual and Physical cards powered by Mastercard
Branded cards
Crypto enabled
No collateral requirements
Payroll program
Flexible Tariffs
No quantity limit on the first cards order
API integration
New way of online banking Log in from anywhere, Anytime.
We need client’s Passport/EU ID, proof of address and mobile number.
Open an account and get issued an IBAN

Top Up your card using FIAT or Crypto

Use it to manage daily expense and money management

We collect KYC

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